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Sumfactor Software is a digital technology idea lab. We ideate, research, create and maintain wonderful consumer products. Our mission is to work with entrepreneurs and corporations to craft category defining products and services.

We also fund and help fantastic business ideas and actively participate in concept development, idea refinement, experience design, interaction design, systems design, and prototype development for the businesses that we incubate.

From concept to reality

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/ consultancy workshops

It is an intense 10 days workshop combined with an in-depth stakeholder interviews and technical review that helps us validate the idea, identify the risks involved, decide on the right set of features that constitute the “Minimum Viable Product” and prepare your project for development in the best possible way.

Business requirements and goals, Target audience and user personas,
Competition analysis, User experience design (high fidelity wireframes),
User Interface Designs, Detailed Project Plan,
Technology stack, and Project Estimation

/ design

Idea starts making sense when we draw it. It's all about bringing emotions to logic. We map empathy and cognitive science to craft interfaces that engage users both visually and emotionally. We help you create new or change existing designs.

We specialise in:

MVP development, Mobile app development, Web app development E-commerce solutions, AI and machine learning, Testing and quality assurance

/ development

We help you bring designs to reality.. The data is converted to graphical interface for the user to view and interact with it. We help you develop your new projects or re-engineer the existing or left out projects.

We specialise in:

MVP development, Mobile app development, Web app development, E-commerce solutions, AI and machine learning, Blockchain, Testing and quality assurance,

/ project management

We understand all the phases a project goes through in the development life cycle. We undertake the following during the Project Management Phase:

Writing business cases, Writing user stories and setting priorities, Defining the test cases, Conducting all scrum ceremonies with the team, Performing release meetings, and Testing the shippable modules

/ support and maintenance

We not only help you design, and build the projects but also extend our support to keep it up and running. During this maintenance period, we measure different business parameters, and customer behavior on your solution and help you improve and innovate.

How we do it?

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Insights from our team

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An outstanding example of story-telling in modern web design. A documentary about the history of the village Atterwasch as an interactiveonepage website.

The Swiss airline offers a look behind the scenes with an unusual, highly innovative onepager.

Onepager of the Warsaw-based agency BrightMedia, which captivates above all by its great animations and the color design.

Sumfactor Software Inc. has been founded by Ajay Sharma. Ajay previously co-founded Trigma Inc., a software services company based out of India and the US. He brings together his experience of creating great customer centric products along with a young and enthusiastic team at Sumfactor.

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